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Alpacas for Sale - Alpacas Arizona - Arizona Alpaca Breeder - Tucson Arizona

Welcome to Bosque Ranch

We are the largest Alpaca Breeder in Tucson Arizona.  We raise Show Quality Alpacas and Fiber Quality Alpacas on the northeast side of Tucson AZ.  We also, on occasion, have some pet quality alpacas.  Our alpacas are from a wide range of well know alpaca including;

Snowmass Nova, Pperuvian Caligula, Kilimanjaro, PPPeruvian Royal Fawn, andSnowmass Nova's Diamante, Christopher-B, Snowmass Peruvian Casanova, Peruvian Snowmaster, PPPeruvian Augusto, Cresent Moon's Romeo, Pacific Crest Microsoft's Mustang, PPeruvian Camilio, Snowmass XXXtreme, Snowmass Royal Rose, 4Peruvian Legacy, High Desert Smoke, and Black Thunder just to name a few.

With over 25 years of animal breeding experience, we strive to produce sound animals that are available in a wide range of colors and quality to match your needs.

We have worked hard over the past years to continually elevate the quality of our herd.  Animal breeders know that animals should only be bred if it will improve the next generation, a philosophy we breed by. Breeding stock from Snowmass, Pacific Crest,and Champion Alpacas, are providing the high quality diverse genetics we desire to produce quality animals. Our youngest generation of animals are proving our committment by meeting and exceeding our expectations as evaluated by fiber tests and 2009 show results.


Ranch Services

We are a full service alpaca ranch providing our clients with continued assistance and support including boarding, hosting a Shearing Day, minor dentistry, lessons on training, and general care to help even the most novice of animal folks feel more confident raising these amazing animals.

For the established rancher, we offer stud leasing, female leasing and very reasonable breeding and purchasing programs.  We have some of the best genetic lines around and can offer you a wonderful opportunity to tap into these lines for a fraction of the cost to purchase the animals outright.

We also run a small ranch store.  We sell Raw Fleece, Yarn, garments, Alpaca Rugs, Matilda fleece covers, and general ranch supplies including the newest item: the Itchin Post.

Also available from time to time are other exotic animals including Sika Deer, Peafowl, and Wallabies.


Where We Are Going

As we move closer to a goal of early retirement from our busy careers, we continue to add to our alpaca inventory for our retirement nest egg, thus building our retirement one generation at a time. 




          THE GOOD LIFE!




We are Creating a living investment, one generation at a time.  Feel free to contact us for more information on our Arizona Alpacas For Sale and how you can create a living investment also.


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