Welcome to Bosque Ranch

Once one of  the largest Alpaca Breeders in Tucson Arizona, we now reside in the beautiful Central Coast of California.  We raise Show Quality Alpacas and Fiber Quality Alpacas in San Luis Obispo County.

Our alpacas are from a wide range of well know alpaca including: Snowmass Nova, Pperuvian Caligula, Kilimanjaro, PPPeruvian Royal Fawn, andSnowmass Nova's Diamante, Christopher-B, Snowmass Peruvian Casanova, Peruvian Snowmaster, PPPeruvian Augusto, Cresent Moon's Romeo, Pacific Crest Microsoft's Mustang, PPeruvian Camilio, Snowmass XXXtreme, Snowmass Royal Rose, 4Peruvian Legacy, High Desert Smoke, and Black Thunder just to name a few.

With over 30 years of animal breeding experience, we strive to produce sound animals that are available in a wide range of colors and quality to match your needs.

We have worked hard over the past years to continually elevate the quality of our herd. Animal breeders know that animals should only be bred if it will improve the next generation, a philosophy we breed by. Our breeding stock provides the high quality diverse genetics we desire to produce quality animals.  Additionally we carefully assess our fiber with yearly fiber tests and we are proud to share those results with interested buyers.

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