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With over 30 years of animal breeding experience, we strive to produce sound animals that are available in a wide range of colors and quality to match your needs. We have worked hard over the past years to continually elevate the quality of our herd. Animal breeders know that animals should only be bred if it will improve the next generation, a philosophy we breed by. We carefully evaluate each and every breeding to ensure the best possible outcome. Top breeding stock from Snowmass, Pacific Crest, and Magical Farms, will provide the high quality diverse genetics we desire to produce quality animals. Our youngest generation of crias are proving this committment to excellence by placing in several shows already. There is no greater pride for us than seeing an animal we have planned and raised meet and exceed our expectations. Whether we are the owners or not, we know that animal is a product of our breeding program. Come check out our herd sires and perhaps we can help you "breed up".


We began our alpaca ownership back 2001 when we purchase a male to keep our orphaned deer company.  Well that didn't work as planned (they didn't like each other!) so we expanded to a trio.  Two pregnant females and the male.  Our plan was to provide a "fiber quality" animal and to take our tiny herd and create our living investment one generation at a time.  When I think about those first animals, I remember being frustrated at how course their fleeces were within a few years of age.  We made maintaining fiber softness a priority.  We invested in some new stock that exemplified (at the time) fineness over the years.  Our fiber analysis record shows without a doubt that we have accomplished our goal and then some.  Our animals consistently have finer fleeces well past 4 years than the national averages.  

With fineness mastered but still strictly monitored, we then began breeding for a more modern head.  With the use of our top stud Snowmass Heart Throb and SQR Tucker along with selective outside breedings, we have "updated" our phenotypic heads.

So now what is our breeding goal?  We are working on increasing our density.  We have added and kept our very densest males and we look forward to continuing to improve in this area without compromising sustained fleece fineness.  Fineness still continues to be our number one priority for fleece traits.  We don't do a lot of shows and with our ranch store, quality fine fiber is more important that density.

As an animal production major who has spent a lifetime of challenging myself to take the mediocre in an animal and make it a top contender, I am always on the quest for a better next generation.  Our "pet quality" animals are so much better than the animals we had even 10 years ago.  I would love to show you our animals, and perhaps, if you fall in love with these animals as much as we have, set you up in the wonderful world of alpaca ownership.  Whether you are a fiber artist who wants a sustaining herd for your projects, a person looking to have something easy to fill the empty horse corral or pasture, or a committed animal lover that is looking to develop their own alpaca farm we can help you get started.  We won't give you a dog and pony show, nor will we exaggerate the business.  We will give you honest information and provide you with the very best suggestions for your goals.  And YES, every animal on our property has a name, we know the animals personality, and we keep our herd at a manageable size so that we personally are responsible for their care.

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